VR World NYC, New York City

 North America's largest VR center with over 50 VR experiences, featuring racecar chairs, a 360-degree Moveo VR cockpit, and three floors of play area

Virtual Reality Arcade Hollywood, Los Angeles

Offers over 30 VR titles in a party atmosphere with special equipment like moving capsule chairs and fancy lighting​

MassVR, Chicago

Unique with two custom games, Hallow Realm and VR Champions, in a 16,000 square feet play area, featuring arena-scale multiplayer experiences and real-world movement

ExitusVR, Houston

A VR escape room with over 10 custom-made games, supporting multiplayer and single player experiences, with games lasting about an hour each

Cosmic Mayhem, San Antonio

A unique combination of a bar, mini-golf, and VR arcade, offering VR escape room games suitable for all ages

The Void, New York City

 A cutting-edge VR experience offering immersive interaction with virtual worlds, known for its advanced technology and graphics

IMAX VR, Los Angeles

Provides an immersive cinema experience, allowing viewers to feel part of their favorite movies with VR technology

Zero Latency, Las Vegas

Offers seamless VR gaming with zero latency technology, perfect for multiplayer battles in a virtual world​

Oculus Rift, San Francisco

 Renowned for its immersive experiences and advanced technology, allowing exploration and interaction with virtual worlds

Dreamscape Immersive, Los Angeles

 Known for advanced haptics and precise tracking, offering a unique, immersive experience in virtual worlds