The Modern Edge: Short Hair with Bangs

A fresh take on Leonardo DiCaprio's iconic '90s haircut, featuring a short and edgy cut with a wet look for a modern grunge vibe.

The Lustrous Layers: Long Brunette Hair

 A luxurious medium-length hairstyle with straight texture, medium layers, and subtle highlights, combining practicality with style.

The Retro Fringe: Medium with Bangs 

Features medium curtain bangs and long layers, creating a nostalgic yet fresh look that's versatile and elegant.

The Korean Wave: Mid-Length Chic

A mid-length hairstyle blending soft waves and subtle volume, inspired by K-fashion and suitable for thick or fine hair.

The Statement Cut: Short Hair Wavy

 A bold, short layered cut with a rebellious '90s grunge aesthetic, perfect for those who love a standout curly style.

The Valley Girl Ponytail

An ultra high ponytail popular in '90s TV shows, versatile with waves, curls, or volume, and recently rocked by Ariana Grande.

The Textured Bob 

A polished yet relaxed style, popularized by Meg Ryan and Jennifer Anniston, with a modern, less layered version seen on celebrities like Emma Stone.

The Boyish Pixie Cut

An androgynous, boyish pixie cut from the '90s, offering a contrast to overly styled looks, now adapted with asymmetry and choppy layers.

Crimped Hair

Once a staple of '90s fashion, crimped hair is making a comeback with trendsetters like Kylie Jenner, offering a textured style with smooth roots.

Space Buns 

A fun, playful hairstyle involving two buns on either side of the head, perfect for festivals and parties, adapting various styles from big and loose to small and sleek.