Consider These 5 Tips to Excel in AWS Cloud Practitioner Exam

Look for Keywords

The AWS Certified exam consists mostly of multiple-choice questions. It's crucial to read the questions thoroughly and identify the right keywords that might hint at the answer.

Answer First, Then Check Choices

Before looking at the multiple-choice options, try to answer the question based on your knowledge. This helps in avoiding confusion as some choices might look very similar.

Eliminate Irrelevant Answers

After coming up with an answer, compare it with the given choices and eliminate the ones that don't align with your primary thought.

Time Management

AWS Certified Associate exams typically have 65 questions to be answered in 130 minutes. Ensure you don't spend too much time on a single question. If a question is taking too long, skip it and revisit later.

Use AWS Certification Portal

Familiarize yourself with the AWS certification portal. It provides valuable resources and can even add an extra 30 minutes to your exam time.