Understanding the Threats

Ancient mosaics face threats like aging, environmental conditions, and human interference, making awareness crucial for preservation​

Proactive Measures

Regular maintenance and protective measures, such as strategic placement or climate-controlled environments, are essential for preserving mosaics​

Cleansing with Care

Cleaning of mosaics requires precision to remove dirt and pollutants without causing damage, ensuring the art's integrity

Strengthening Foundations

Stabilization is key in preserving mosaics, involving reinforcement of the backing or tesserae to maintain structural integrity

Protective Actions

Implementing barriers, coatings, and controlled environments helps shield mosaics from future harm

Documentation and Research

Meticulous documentation and historical research provide context, aiding informed decision-making in preservation efforts

Restoration Techniques

Skilled artisans use various methods, including replacing missing tesserae and cleaning to reveal hidden details, for restoration

Collaborative Training Programs

Training programs for restorers, like MOSAIKON, foster professional networks and skill development in mosaic conservation

Reattaching Tiles with Precision

During restoration, loose or missing tiles are carefully reattached, maintaining the mosaic's original design

Regular Inspection and Cleaning

Routine care and avoiding exposure to direct sunlight or high humidity are crucial to maintain the mosaic's color vibrancy and structure​