Fatherhood and "Encanto"

 Valderrama's daughter Nakano loves the soundtrack of "Encanto", in which he voiced a character. He finds joy in her reaction to the music every morning

Multilingual and Multicultural Household

Valderrama and his fiancée Amanda Pacheco are raising Nakano in a multilingual environment, emphasizing the importance of her roots and family heritage

The Name Nakano

Inspired by a spiritual trip to Japan and significant life events, Valderrama and Pacheco chose the unique name Nakano for their daughter

Pregnancy Announcement

The couple announced their pregnancy in December 2020, expressing their excitement about their growing family

Family as Priority

Valderrama emphasizes the importance of family, considering his daughter and fiancée as his top priorities

Hacienda Valderrama

He created a family compound, buying neighboring properties for his mother and father, fostering a close-knit family environment​

Wedding Plans Amidst COVID-19

Valderrama postponed his wedding plans due to the pandemic, prioritizing the safety and comfort of family and guests

Father's Day Pregnancy Discovery

 The couple discovered Pacheco's pregnancy on Father's Day, sharing the news with their fathers during the holiday celebrations

Engagement on New Year’s Day

Valderrama proposed to Pacheco on a beach in San Diego during New Year’s Day, marking a significant step in their relationship

Adapting to Pandemic Life

During the pandemic, Valderrama focused on family closeness, routine, and personal productivity while adjusting to changes in his professional life​