Contextual Importance

Emma Stone explained that the graphic sex scenes are essential for her character's storyline in "Poor Things"​


The sex scenes are a significant part of her character, Bella Baxter's, experience and growth, helping her understand her body and its perception by others​

Freedom and Shamelessness

Stone emphasized that her character, Bella, is depicted as being completely free and without shame regarding her body, which aligns with the film's narrative​

Broad Exploration

Apart from sex, the character Bella explores other aspects of life, like food, philosophy, travel, and dance, indicating a wide range of experiences beyond just the sexual elements

Respecting the Character

Stone stressed the importance of being true to the character's experience, indicating that avoiding or cutting the sex scenes would undermine the authenticity of Bella's portrayal​

Narrative Consistency

She also mentioned that it would be dishonest to shy away from these aspects of Bella's character in the film's portrayal

Personal Perspective

While Stone personally doesn't prefer to be naked all the time, she believes in honoring the character she plays fully

Character Exploration

The film follows Bella Baxter, a deceased woman brought back to life with the brain of an unborn child, exploring her journey and experiences including sexuality

Positive Reception and Criticism

 "Poor Things" received mostly positive reviews, but its frank and abundant sex scenes have been challenging for some viewers and critics​

Film Adaptation

The movie is an adaptation of Alasdair Gray’s 1992 novel, and the sex scenes play a crucial role in the film's depiction of Bella's character and her journey​