Co-parenting Challenges

 Gisele Bündchen has openly discussed the challenges she faces while co-parenting with Tom Brady, particularly concerning their different parenting styles

Different Homes, Different Rules

Since their divorce, Bündchen's children, Benjamin and Vivian, split their time between two homes, each with distinct sets of rules and parenting approaches

Pushback from Kids

Bündchen admits that sometimes her kids push back against her parenting style, which differs from Brady's approach

Instilling Values

 Despite the pushback, Gisele remains committed to teaching her children the values her own mother taught her, emphasizing the importance of life's simple lessons​

Co-parenting Efforts Post-Divorce

Both Bündchen and Brady have emphasized the importance of co-parenting and putting their children's needs first following their divorce

Navigating Public Scrutiny

As public figures, both Bündchen and Brady face additional scrutiny regarding their private lives, including their parenting choices

Children's Adjustment to Divorce

The adjustment to living in separate homes post-divorce has been a point of focus and adaptation for their children

Brady's Acknowledgement of Co-parenting Success

Tom Brady has acknowledged that both he and Bündchen are doing a solid job at co-parenting, ensuring their children have a strong foundation and values​

Bündchen's Emphasis on Living Authentically

 Gisele has expressed the importance of living her truth and not being swayed by public opinion or criticism

Commitment to Children's Well-being

Both Brady and Bündchen are committed to ensuring the well-being of their children, making concerted efforts to co-parent effectively despite their divorce