Critics' Choice Award Speech

Harrison Ford became visibly emotional during his Critics' Choice Awards speech while speaking about his wife, Calista Flockhart​

Lifetime Achievement Award

He received the Critics' Choice Award for Lifetime Achievement, thanking those who have supported his career, especially Flockhart​

Expressing Gratitude

Ford highlighted Flockhart's support throughout his career, acknowledging that he often needs a lot of support​

Romantic Love at Any Age

Ford discussed the concept of romantic love at any stage in life, emphasizing its fulfilling nature​

Red Carpet Appearance

Before the ceremony, the couple appeared together on the red carpet, where they were seen holding hands and sharing a sweet moment​

Standing Ovation

 Upon accepting his award, Ford received a standing ovation, reflecting on his career and the evolution of the film industry

Emotional Tribute

Both Ford and Flockhart were seen tearing up as Ford spoke about their marriage and her support during his speech

Public Display of Affection

 Ford and Flockhart shared a tearful kiss before he went on stage, highlighting their strong bond and love for each other

Ford's Career Overview

The speech also encompassed Ford's gratitude for his career opportunities and the luck he's had working with talented individuals in the industry​

Future Collaborations

 In a TV appearance, Ford expressed interest in working together with Flockhart on future projects, indicating their close personal and professional bond​