Reaction to Original Cast Reunion at Emmys

Kevin McKidd expressed his reaction to the original cast of 'Grey's Anatomy' reuniting at the Emmys

Desire for Owen and Cristina Reunion

 McKidd has shown interest in reuniting his character Owen with Cristina Yang on the show, despite her departure in Season 10​

Ongoing Efforts to Bring Back Sandra Oh

McKidd has tried to convince Sandra Oh, who played Cristina, to return to 'Grey's Anatomy', but she has moved on to other projects​

Cristina and Owen's Complex Relationship

 Despite their on-screen breakup, Cristina and Owen's relationship remains unresolved, with McKidd expressing interest in exploring their dynamic further

McKidd's Hope for Sandra Oh's Return

Despite the challenges, McKidd still hopes for Oh's return to the show for a possible reunion between their characters

Teasing Meredith and Derek's Reunion

 McKidd discussed the reunion of Meredith and Derek, highlighting the nostalgia and chemistry of their scenes together

'Grey's Anatomy' Going Back to its Roots

 In the upcoming 19th season, McKidd talked about the show introducing new interns and returning to its original premise​

McKidd's Role in Directing

McKidd not only acts but has also directed episodes of 'Grey's Anatomy', bringing a unique perspective to the show's narrative

Close Friendship with Sandra Oh

McKidd maintains a close friendship with Sandra Oh, which fuels his hope for her return to the series​

New Interns in Season 19

 McKidd spoke about the excitement of introducing new interns in the 19th season, suggesting a fresh start for the show