Basic Slime with Glue and Saline Solution

Mix Elmer's white school glue with baking soda in a bowl, then gradually add saline solution until the mixture reaches your desired consistency​

Slime with Borax

Dissolve borax in hot water, mix with glue and water in a separate bowl, and add the borax solution gradually until the slime forms

Butter Slime Variation

Combine school glue, water, and food coloring; knead with Model Magic after adding a borax or liquid starch solution for a non-sticky, stretchy texture

Laundry Detergent Slime

Mix water and glue, add food coloring if desired, and then stir in liquid laundry detergent until you achieve a gooey slime consistency​

Glitter Slime for Extra Sparkle

Start with glitter glue, add baking soda, and then incorporate contact solution, kneading until it's not sticky

Customizable Slime

Once you've made basic slime, get creative by adding items like glitter, confetti, foam beads, or air-dry clay for different textures and appearances

Safe Storage

Store slime in an airtight plastic bag or container to keep it fresh and prevent drying out

Prevent Sticking During Play

If the slime starts to feel sticky while playing, add a bit more of the activator (saline solution or borax mixture)​

Slime with Food Coloring

Add food coloring to the glue before mixing in other ingredients for a colored slime, adjusting the amount for desired shade

Easy Cleanup

Use plastic bowls and spoons for mixing to simplify cleanup, and play with slime on a placemat to avoid messes