Prioritizing Children's Well-Being

Khloé emphasizes the importance of her children's relationship with their father, Tristan, wanting them to have a positive connection with him despite the past issues​

Difficulty of Being Nice

She acknowledges that it's more challenging to maintain a pleasant demeanor towards Tristan, especially when she's upset, but she opts for this approach for the sake of her children

Learning to Control Feelings

Khloé has learned to control her feelings towards Tristan, especially in their co-parenting situation, despite the occasional impulsiveness in the past​

No Regrets Over Kindness

 Despite her history with Tristan, Khloé doesn't regret being kind and considers it an important aspect of her personality

Protecting Children's Innocence

She focuses on protecting her kids' innocence and wants them to have beautiful relationships with their dad​

Tristan's Active Role as a Father

Khloé appreciates that Tristan wants to be an active and hands-on father, which influences her decision to speak positively of him

History of Complicated Relationship

 Despite their tumultuous past, including cheating scandals and a paternity suit, Khloé opts to maintain a respectful co-parenting relationship with Tristan​

Refusing to Give Kids Cell Phones

She is cautious about her children’s exposure to social media and technology, believing it's not healthy for them at a young age

Family's Mixed Feelings

 While Khloé strives for a positive relationship with Tristan, her family members, including her sister Kourtney, have their own complicated feelings towards him​

Focus on Personal Growth

Throughout their relationship and its challenges, Khloé has focused on her personal growth and maintaining a peaceful environment for her children