Historic Achievement

Lily Gladstone's Oscar nomination for her role in "Killers of the Flower Moon" marks a significant moment in history as she is the first Native American to be nominated in the Lead Actress category at the Oscars.

Emotional Response

Upon receiving the news of her nomination, Lily Gladstone expressed deep gratitude and shared her feelings of joy and honor for being recognized by the Academy.

Collaborative Acknowledgment

In her statement, Gladstone extended her gratitude to the director Martin Scorsese, co-stars including Leonardo DiCaprio, and acknowledged the contributions of the Osage Nation and Indigenous artists involved in the film.

Praise for Colleagues

Gladstone also praised her fellow nominees in the Lead Actress category, expressing admiration and stating her disbelief at being in their company.

Film's Impact

Her role in "Killers of the Flower Moon" has been pivotal, not only for its artistic merit but also for highlighting Indigenous stories and talent in mainstream cinema.


Gladstone's background includes Blackfeet and Nez Percé heritage, and her nomination is a step forward in representing Native American talent in major film awards.

Industry Recognition

The nomination is a testament to Gladstone's talent and the growing recognition of diverse stories and actors in Hollywood.

Role of Co-stars

Gladstone specifically mentioned the impact of working with actors like Leonardo DiCaprio, emphasizing the collaborative nature of her performance in the film.

Influence on Future Projects

This nomination could pave the way for more inclusive storytelling in Hollywood, focusing on Indigenous narratives and characters.

Oscars Ceremony Anticipation

 The film industry and fans alike are eagerly anticipating the Oscars ceremony, where Gladstone's groundbreaking nomination will be celebrated among other achievements in cinema.