Alicia Keys' debut single from 2001 that showcased her powerful vocals and piano skills, winning her several Grammy Awards and establishing her as a musical force

If I Ain't Got You

A heartfelt ballad from 2004, expressing the importance of love over material possessions, and solidifying Keys' status as a soulful and emotive artist​

No One

Released in 2007, this uplifting anthem features powerful vocals and positive lyrics, earning multiple Grammy Awards and topping charts worldwide​

Empire State of Mind (Part II) Broken Down

Keys' solo version of her collaboration with Jay-Z, a tribute to New York City with soulful vocals capturing the city's essence​

Girl on Fire

An empowering anthem from 2012, inspiring listeners with its message of inner strength and resilience, and becoming an instant hit

Un-Thinkable (I’m Ready)

A 2010 release tackling the complexities of love and relationships, showcasing Keys' vulnerability and emotional depth​

Try Sleeping with a Broken Heart

A song from 2009 that explores heartbreak with haunting melody and heartfelt lyrics, resonating deeply with listeners​


Released in 2008, this song is an uplifting anthem celebrating women's strength and resilience, with inspiring lyrics and powerful vocals​

You Don’t Know My Name

A soulful and nostalgic track from 2003, blending R&B and soul, and telling a story of unrequited love

Like You’ll Never See Me Again

A poignant ballad from 2007, featuring intimate lyrics and a haunting melody, emphasizing cherishing every moment with loved ones​