Oprah Winfrey Interviews Michael Jackson (1993)

Oprah delves into Michael Jackson's personal life, childhood, and music industry experiences, providing a candid look into the life of the King of Pop.

David Letterman Interviews Joaquin Phoenix (2010)

An eccentric Joaquin Phoenix delivers unusual responses on the Late Show, sparking debates about his mental state.

Diane Sawyer Interviews Whitney Houston (2002)

Whitney Houston discusses her addiction struggles and personal challenges in a heartfelt and emotional interview.

Britney Spears’ Documentary Interview with Diane Sawyer (2003)

Spears opens up about her rise to fame, personal relationships, and the intense media scrutiny she faced.

Frank Sinatra’s Interview with Barbara Walters (1985)

Barbara Walters interviews Frank Sinatra about his illustrious career and personal life, revealing the man behind the legend.

Charlie Rose Interviews Robin Williams (2010)

Robin Williams shares his battles with addiction and depression, offering insights into his creative genius and vulnerabilities.

Johnny Carson Interviews Bette Davis (1981)

 Bette Davis discusses her Hollywood career and shares stories from the industry with Johnny Carson's trademark charm.

Oprah Winfrey Interviews Tom Cruise (2005)

Tom Cruise's energetic and erratic behavior, particularly his declaration of love for Katie Holmes, makes this a memorable and often-discussed interview.

Ed Bradley Interviews Michael Jordan (2003)

Basketball legend Michael Jordan reflects on his career, competitiveness, and life challenges in this insightful interview.

Marilyn Monroe Interviewed by Richard Meryman (1962)

Published in LIFE magazine shortly after her death, this interview with Marilyn Monroe reveals her profound loneliness and struggles with being perceived as a commodity in Hollywood, offering an intimate glimpse into the life of one of the most iconic actresses.