Discovery and Auction Details

Two original "Friends" scripts, found trashed in London in 1998, are being auctioned by Hertfordshire auctioneers Hanson Ross on January 12​

Episodes Featured

The scripts are from "The One With Ross’s Wedding" Part I and II, the last episodes of season four, featuring Ross's iconic wedding scene and the start of Chandler and Monica's romance

Found in Garbage

A studio worker discovered these scripts in a bin at Fountain Studios after filming and kept them in a drawer ever since

Intended Destruction

The scripts were meant to be destroyed to prevent leaks, but they accidentally escaped this fate

Retired Londoner’s Find

A 60-year-old retired Londoner, formerly an admin support at Fountain Studios, found the scripts while tidying up the studio

Unexpected Storage

The scripts ended up in a bedside drawer for years, almost forgotten, until recently rediscovered during a house move

Valuation and Interest

 Initially valued at £600-£800, these scripts are expected to attract significant interest due to the global appeal of "Friends"

Additional Memorabilia

A ticket for the studio audience from 1998 and two DVDs from the fourth and fifth series are included in the auction lot​

Global Phenomenon

"Friends," which aired from 1994 to 2004, remains one of the most popular TV shows globally, with a finale that attracted 52.5 million American viewers​

Auction House Excitement

Hanson Ross Auctioneers expressed excitement about the scripts, highlighting their appeal to "Friends" fans and their historical significance​