Probation Violation

Blueface is currently in jail due to multiple probation violations stemming from an assault case from a few years ago

Jail Time Until Summer 2024

He is not scheduled to be released until July 2, 2024, though there's a possibility of an earlier release due to jail overcrowding​


 Footage showed Blueface turning himself in to the authorities for this probation violation, indicating he was aware of the potential consequences

Underlying Assault Case

The probation violation is related to an assault charge from 2021, involving Blueface and his entourage allegedly assaulting a club bouncer​

Mother’s Comments

Blueface's mother has hinted that his baby mamas may have played a role in his legal troubles, implying that they have brought him nothing but trouble​

Potential Additional Probation Violation

 Blueface is also on probation for a Vegas strip club case, and his current incarceration could trigger another probation violation in that case

Public Reaction

His situation has garnered attention on social media, including comments from other rappers like Soulja Boy

Manager’s Concerns

His manager, Wack 100, has echoed sentiments similar to Blueface's mother, showing concern over the influences in his life

Out of the Public Eye

 Due to his incarceration, Blueface will likely be out of the public eye and unable to engage in his music career for the foreseeable future

Court Proceedings

Details of the specific incidents leading to his jail time are still unclear, with ongoing investigations and court proceedings