Legal Dispute Resolution

Diddy and Diageo resolved a legal dispute, ending their partnership. This settlement concluded a contentious legal battle between the two parties.

Racial Discrimination Allegations

 Diddy accused Diageo of racism, alleging that they did not honor their commitment to his liquor brands and neglected them compared to other brands under their portfolio.

Business Relationship Closure

The joint statement from both parties confirmed that there is no ongoing business relationship between Diddy and Diageo, including the brands Cîroc vodka and DeLeón tequila.

Withdrawal of Allegations

As part of the settlement, Diddy withdrew all his allegations against Diageo and agreed to voluntarily dismiss his lawsuits against the company.

Initial Partnership Formation

Diageo and Diddy’s Combs Wines and Spirits first partnered in 2007 to handle marketing and distribution of Cîroc, and later jointly purchased DeLeón in 2013.

Lawsuit Against Diageo

Diddy filed a lawsuit in May 2023 in the Manhattan Supreme Court against Diageo, accusing them of purposefully neglecting his liquor brands.

Diageo's Counteraction

In response to Diddy's lawsuit, Diageo filed a countersuit in June, alleging that Diddy failed to fulfill obligations in their partnership agreement.

Marketing Dispute

Diddy's lawsuit claimed Diageo belittled the value of his brands by marketing them as "urban" rather than for the general market.

Diageo's Portfolio

Diageo is a global liquor giant owning renowned brands like Guinness, Tanqueray, and Johnnie Walker.

Diddy's Other Legal Challenges

Around the same time as this dispute, Diddy faced several other legal challenges, including lawsuits accusing him of sexual assault and issues related to his former girlfriend, Casandra “Cassie” Ventura.