End of a Longstanding Relationship

Tiger Woods officially ended his 27-year partnership with Nike, a collaboration that had become one of the most significant in the sports endorsement world.

Historic Beginning

Woods began his partnership with Nike in 1996, the same year he turned professional, marking the start of a transformative relationship in sports marketing.

Iconic "Hello, World" Campaign

The partnership was launched with Nike's famous "Hello, World" campaign, which followed Woods' rapid ascent in the golfing world, including his groundbreaking Masters victory.

Financial Milestones

Over the years, Woods' deals with Nike were groundbreaking in terms of their financial value, starting with a $40 million deal in 1996, escalating to over $200 million in later years.

Brand and Athlete Synergy

Woods became the face of Nike Golf, developing his own "TW" brand and significantly influencing the golfing and wider sporting community.

Defining Moments

The partnership between Woods and Nike produced many memorable moments, including his 2005 Masters victory and innovative Nike commercials that showcased Woods' skills and charisma.

Challenges and Support

 Despite personal and professional challenges, including Woods' injuries and personal scandals, Nike maintained its support throughout most of their partnership.

Recent Signs of Change

In recent years, there were signs of a changing relationship, such as Woods wearing FootJoy shoes after his car accident in 2021, indicating possible diverging paths.

Nike's Shift in Golf Business

Nike's decision to exit the golf hard goods business in 2016 marked a significant shift in their strategy, affecting Woods' equipment choices.

Future Directions

With the end of this partnership, speculation surrounds Woods' next moves in terms of endorsements and his ongoing influence in the golf world.