‘Baby’ and ‘All Around the World’ with Ludacris

The iconic 2010 hit 'Baby' catapulted Bieber to fame, followed by 'All Around the World' in 2013, both marking successful collaborations with Ludacris​

‘Eenie Meenie’ with Sean Kingston

A catchy dance-pop collaboration with Sean Kingston, 'Eenie Meenie' soared into the UK Top 10 charts

‘Never Say Never’ with Jaden Smith

This song marked Jaden Smith's entry into music at 12 and became a significant part of Bieber's early career

‘As Long as You Love Me’ with Big Sean

Released in 2012, this collaboration combines Bieber's pop sensibilities with Big Sean's rap flair

‘Beauty and a Beat’ with Nicki Minaj

A 2012 club hit, this song showcases a fusion of Bieber's pop style and Nicki Minaj's unique rap

‘Right Here’ with Drake

A 2013 collaboration with fellow Canadian Drake, 'Right Here' blends R&B and pop, highlighting Bieber's vocal versatility

‘#thatPower’ with will.i.am

This 2013 upbeat hit featured will.i.am and gained significant chart success, including a top spot in the UK R&B Chart

‘Where Are Ü Now’ with Jack Ü

A 2015 electronic hit with Skrillex and Diplo as Jack Ü, it showed a new side of Bieber's music style

‘I Don't Care’ with Ed Sheeran

A playful and popular tune from 2019, showcasing Bieber and Sheeran's strong collaborative chemistry

‘Stuck with U’ with Ariana Grande

A 2020 charity single that resonated with many during lockdown, blending the voices of two pop giants