Mosaic Flower Pots

Add a vibrant touch to your garden by creating mosaic flower pots using tiles, grout, and adhesive

Mosaic Vase

Craft a stunning mosaic vase using an old china plate, adhesive, and basic tools like a hammer and sponge

Garden Rocks

Make unique mosaic garden rocks with colorful tiles and clear silicone adhesive, perfect for outdoor decoration​

Mosaic Picture Frame

Create an eye-catching mosaic picture frame by arranging tiles in desired patterns and securing them with grout

Mosaic Tile Coasters

Transform ordinary tiles into chic mosaic coasters using grout, glue, and a bit of creativity

Broken China Heart Mosaic

 Design a heart-shaped mosaic using broken china pieces, ideal for showcasing artistic flair

Diverse Material Mosaic

 Experiment with materials like buttons, beer bottle caps, and tiles for unique mosaic designs

Sea Glass Mosaic Tray

Make a decorative tray with a mix of sea glass and china glass, adding a coastal vibe to your space​

Mosaic Stairs

Jazz up your interior or exterior stairs with a mosaic makeover using broken tiles and glass pieces

Patterned Mosaic Pots

Beautify your garden with patterned mosaic pots, an easy and cost-effective project