Michael Jackson

Known as the ultimate pop icon, Michael Jackson started with the Jackson 5 and redefined pop with his album "Thriller", which crossed genres and set new standards​

Bob Dylan

The voice of a generation, Dylan's folk poetry and roots rock influenced many, including The Beatles, and sparked the folk-rock boom and the Laurel Canyon songwriting explosion


The Queen Of Pop, Madonna reinvented herself constantly, blending dance-pop with provocative themes, and significantly influenced the fashion and sound of female pop artists


 A genre-defying artist, Prince blended rock, soul, gospel, R&B, synth-funk, and New Wave, redefining attitudes to fashion and sexuality

Pink Floyd

Progressive rock giants who broke musical barriers with albums like "The Dark Side Of The Moon", blending socially conscious lyrics with innovative sound production​

Led Zeppelin

Known for their hard rock sound, mixing blues-rock with old English magic, Led Zeppelin's influence laid the foundations for heavy metal and inspired countless rock bands

Jimi Hendrix

 A revolutionary guitar player, Hendrix's use of riffs, shredding, and distortion redefined rock guitar playing and left a lasting impact on the music industry​

The Beatles

A phenomenon in pop music, The Beatles' exploration of various genres and studio experimentation opened new doors for pop music, influencing countless artists​


 Known as "Queen Bey", Beyoncé has become an icon in pop music with her empowering lyrics and strong stage presence, shifting narratives around feminism and race in pop music


 Led by Kurt Cobain, Nirvana's grunge sound and honest lyrics in the early 1990s changed the pop music landscape and paved the way for alternative rock